Emily & Kyle – A gorgeous fall wedding at Red August Farm

If you know me, you know that fall time is my favorite season – the crisp air, the pretty leaves, the overall feeling you get being outside. Emily & Kyle’s wedding day was just that – perfect. I’d worked with these two a year before for their engagement photos and was SO excited for the wedding because seriously – they’re beautiful, so sweet, goofy and just happy! Red August Farm is one of the most beautiful venues around and the fall leaves on the mountain backdrop makes it even more gorgeous.

Emily & Kyle’s family and friends surrounded them all day with excitement, love and so much happiness. Emily & her friends got ready with champagne, dancing, and singing. She had a first look with her dad that brought everyone around to tears. And then, when Emily and Kyle saw each other at the ceremony – just so sweet and emotional. The entire day was fun and it’s because these two have so much fun together. I imagine a lifetime full of fun for them! Congrats you two!2020-07-04_00012020-07-04_00022020-07-04_00032020-07-04_00042020-07-04_00052020-07-04_00082020-07-04_00072020-07-04_00102020-07-04_00092020-07-04_00062020-07-04_00112020-07-04_00122020-07-04_00132020-07-04_00142020-07-04_00162020-07-04_00152020-07-04_00172020-07-04_00182020-07-04_00192020-07-04_00212020-07-04_00202020-07-04_00222020-07-04_00232020-07-04_00242020-07-04_00272020-07-04_00282020-07-04_00302020-07-04_00292020-07-04_00312020-07-04_00352020-07-04_00342020-07-04_00322020-07-04_00332020-07-04_00772020-07-04_00752020-07-04_00742020-07-04_00762020-07-04_00732020-07-04_00722020-07-04_00562020-07-04_00572020-07-04_00582020-07-04_00592020-07-04_00602020-07-04_00612020-07-04_00622020-07-04_00632020-07-04_00642020-07-04_00652020-07-04_00662020-07-04_00672020-07-04_00682020-07-04_00692020-07-04_00702020-07-04_00712020-07-04_00252020-07-04_00262020-07-04_00782020-07-04_00932020-07-04_00922020-07-04_00792020-07-04_00912020-07-04_00882020-07-04_00902020-07-04_00892020-07-04_00872020-07-04_00852020-07-04_00832020-07-04_00842020-07-04_00862020-07-04_00812020-07-04_00472020-07-04_00412020-07-04_00402020-07-04_00392020-07-04_00382020-07-04_00372020-07-04_00422020-07-04_00432020-07-04_00442020-07-04_00452020-07-04_00462020-07-04_00512020-07-04_00532020-07-04_00552020-07-04_00542020-07-04_00502020-07-04_00492020-07-04_00482020-07-04_00802020-07-04_0082


Photographer: Kaytlin Lane Photography

Second Shooter: Liz McNeil

Venue: Red August Farm

Florist: Brin’s Posy

Planner: One Fine Day Events

Caterer: Take Out 250

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Dress: Venus Bridal

Bridal Party Attire: Azazie

Groom’s Attire: Jos A Banks

Hair and Makeup: Adorn Salon

Officiant: Tim Craft

Invitations: Minted

Cake: Country Confections

Donuts: D&L Donuts

Videographer: Brady Griffin

Transportation: Quick’s Bus Company

Photo Booth: The Rosy Co. Photo Experiences

Rentals: MS Events

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