Breanna & Cody – Greenhill House Wedding – Salem VA

Breanna & Cody met when Breanna was a nurse and Cody was hired as a nursing assistant on her floor. They quickly became friends and enjoyed working together. Breanna invited Cody and a few other friends to play tennis, but the friends were no-shows. Breanna says “I kicked his butt at some tennis and it’s all history from there.” I love that!

When I was able to do their engagement photos at Carvin’s Cove about a year ago, I loved these two! They were so sweet and very much best friends – which I love! They were up for anything and ready to have fun. I knew the wedding would be just as fun.

This wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve captured, but also one of the most fun receptions. The DJ was incredible and had everyone out singing and dancing – he even had Cody and the groomsmen put on a quick Backstreet Boys concert for Breanna (My 90’s baby heart was loving it!)

These two are expecting a baby soon and I can’t wait to see him! Congrats on so many things you two!

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Photography: Kaytlin Lane Photography

Second Shooter: Liz McNeil

Venue: Greenhill House

Caterer: Tiny’s Catering

Cake: Truffles Take the Cake

Flowers: Flower Shoppe on Main

DJ: Obehi the DJ

Hair & Makeup: Polished – Alyssa Murray & Audrey Hinchey

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