Abbey & Clay – Mountain Top Couples Session –

I had this idea in my head of a couple up on this mountain top and a flowy yellow skirt. When Abbey jumped on board with my idea and bought the exact outfit I had in my head I was SO excited! Abbey & Clay rode up the mountain with me (I was nervous as heck driving up there ya’ll!) and we had a blast! They were up for anything and gave Liz, my second shooter, a few minor heart attacks on the edge of the rocks! But I couldn’t be happier with how this session turned out! Thanks Abbey & Clay for going along with me! DSC_8761DSC_8769DSC_8770DSC_8771DSC_8775DSC_8778DSC_8782DSC_8785DSC_8786DSC_8787DSC_8789DSC_8793DSC_8795DSC_8798DSC_8804DSC_8809DSC_8813DSC_8814DSC_8815DSC_8818DSC_8824DSC_8825DSC_8831DSC_8844-2DSC_8856DSC_8860DSC_8862DSC_8868DSC_8877DSC_8881DSC_8887DSC_8896DSC_8904-2DSC_8907DSC_8910DSC_8911DSC_8912DSC_8914DSC_8915DSC_8918-2DSC_8919DSC_8920-2DSC_8928DSC_8930DSC_8932DSC_8933DSC_8936DSC_8943DSC_8945DSC_8949DSC_8954DSC_8963DSC_8982DSC_8992DSC_8994DSC_9015DSC_9020DSC_9024DSC_9026DSC_9030DSC_9034DSC_9035DSC_9040DSC_9045I love when Liz is able to come with me on portrait sessions and grab another perspective! The next 3 shots are hers! dsc_9050 (1)dsc_9050 (3)dsc_9050 (4)DSC_9056DSC_9060DSC_9083DSC_9085DSC_9087DSC_9092DSC_9096DSC_9100DSC_9105DSC_9106DSC_9109DSC_9112DSC_9122


Thank you again to Abbey, Clay & Liz! I am so grateful we made this session happen!

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