Kelsey & Michael Wedding – Triple J Farms, Catawba VA

Kelsey & Michael are such a fun couple and their wedding reflected that in so many ways! Every single detail they had planned out was perfect. The weather was questionable, but ended up being sunny and gorgeous. Triple J Farm is a beautiful venue and has so many different spots that it’s a photographer’s dream!

Kelsey & Michael met at Virginia Tech and are huge fans (as am I so perfect match right!?) They actually entered the reception to Enter Sandman and the entire place was jumping – so fun! They were friends before they started dating which is evident in how they interact. They are goofy and adventurous, and according to Kelsey, people would call them “crazy!” Their family and friends surrounded them in love and joy on this beautiful day. It was a perfect wedding!

Thanks for Liz for second shooting as always!

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Location: Triple J Farm

Catering: Bella Events Catering

Florals: D’Rose Florist

Hair: Holly Fox at Adorn Salon

Makeup: Glam by Holly Jade

Dress: Chantilly Lace


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