Whitney & John – Wedding at Blacksburg Country Club, VA

When I met with Whitney a few months before her wedding, I knew we would have a blast on her wedding day! When we asked if she bought a dress yet, she showed us a picture and it was the SAME dress that I wore on my wedding day! What are the chances!? We really felt like part of the family at this wedding. It was filled with so many laughs, tears, and sweet moments. The first look with Whitney’s dad was adorable. Whitney & John chose not see each other before the ceremony, but prayed together instead. It was a beautiful moment and I LOVE when couples choose to do something like this. Congratulations to Whitney & John!

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Venue: Blacksburg Country Club

Dress: Amrheins Roanoke

Cake: Our Daily Bread

Hair: Charmarie Salon

DJ: Earl Brown

Videographer: Michael’s Video

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