Kendyl & Ronny – Wedding at The Maridor, Roanoke VA

Kendyl and Ronny met in culinary school and quickly became best friends. They let their friendship build into a relationship. Ronny was Kendyl’s first boyfriend which is so sweet! They are from very different backgrounds – Vietnam & Roanoke are VERY different! They grew in their relationship and faith together and got engaged in the middle of the ocean (very Titanicy according to Kendyl!) on a cruise ship.

When I met Kendyl and Ronny about a year before their wedding I knew they were fun! Their engagement session was travel themed to match their wedding theme. It was such a fun theme and Kendyl was paying close attention to detail so I knew the wedding would be amazing! As always, the Maridor was a beautiful backdrop! These two planned for their wedding to be at sunset which was so unique and pretty! The sun went down right as Kendyl was walking down the aisle and everything was lit by twinkle lights. At the reception, my second shooter Liz & I were in dancing heaven! These families knew how to dance! The night was filled with dancing (even a surprise choreographed one!), laughing, and loud singing until the two left by confetti! Congrats Kendyl & Ronny and thanks for letting us capture your big day!

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Photographer – Kaytlin Lane Photography

Second shooter – Liz McNeil

Venue – The Maridor

Cake – For the Love of Sweets & Madison Weisenbourn

Caterer – The Maridor

Dress – Proms Paegents & Pretty Things

DJ – Stephanie Clement

Planner – Kate with Sterling K Weddings

Florals – Sterling K Weddings

Hair/Make up – JoJo Smith & Indulgence Salon


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  1. So stunning and beautiful! I can truly feel the love by looking at these gorgeous photos! Can’t wait for my wedding there next year!!!

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