Jordan & Seth – Diamond V Farm Wedding, Roanoke VA

Jordan & Seth’s wedding day was just gorgeous. They were set up on a blind date by her best friend and pretty much hit it off from the beginning.  They both like being outside, hiking, and kayaking. They love projects – she loves anything DIY and he loves woodworking! Jordan hand-made all of the floral arrangements at the wedding and oh they were so gorgeous! I loved the color palette she chose – deep blues, whites and greens! All of her details were so well thought out and everything came together perfectly. The backdrop at Diamond V is stunning and the horses in the field are so pretty. Jordan had a first look with her Dad and it was just full of excitement. Congrats Jordan & Seth!

A huge thank you to Liz McNeil for second shooting as always!


Is this not the prettiest dress!? I was obsessed with the details & the color of it. DSC_2421DSC_2388DSC_2391

A true Harry Potter fan always has a wand with them!

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This horse really loved Jordan’s dress!
They’re basically models.

DSC_3055DSC_3057IMG_6871IMG_6984DSC_3197DSC_3094DSC_3099 (2)DSC_3095DSC_3116DSC_3110DSC_3131DSC_3132DSC_3135 (2)DSC_3137DSC_3148DSC_3141DSC_3166 (2)DSC_3152DSC_3170 (2)DSC_3174 (2)DSC_3172DSC_3187 (2)DSC_3206 (2)DSC_3227DSC_3236DSC_3254DSC_3256DSC_3262 (2)DSC_3263DSC_3272 (2)DSC_3282DSC_3314DSC_3337 (2)DSC_3345DSC_3378DSC_3446DSC_3457IMG_7337DSC_3469IMG_7302DSC_3402DSC_3504


Venue: Diamond V

Wedding Planner: Michelle Day

Second Shooter: Liz McNeil

Caterer: Mission’s BBQ

Dress:Bride’s House & Formals

Hair: New Reflections

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