Madalyn – New mom post!

It’s been a month since Madalyn joined our little family. I can’t believe how fast time is going by! She was so tiny when she was born and now her feet are bigger than my thumbs! It’s been such a fun month with our little one. It’s been exhausting and hard at times, but so worth it. Madalyn is a great baby. She’s such a sweetheart and loves being held. She has developed quite the appetite and loves to sleep (mostly during the day!) We are getting better at sleeping at night and mom & dad are getting the hang of functioning on only a few hours of sleep. The dogs have started to adjust too. Lilly gives daily kisses and continues to steal her passy and stuffed animals, but we’re learning. Lucy checks in on Madalyn occasionally, but for the most part hangs out in her usual spot by the window. Overall, we’re doing great! Madalyn has gained about 2 pounds and has grown 2 inches since birth. She gives us little smiles and holds our fingers tight! She’s already changing so much and we can’t wait to see more of her personality!



The following are a few from Liz McNeil Keleigh PhotographyIMG_2814IMG_2830IMG_2836IMG_2842


The following are a few from Natalie Gibbs PhotographyMcCoyBabyWeb1620-1McCoyBabyWeb1620-2McCoyBabyWeb1620-6McCoyBabyWeb1620-7McCoyBabyWeb1620-21McCoyBabyWeb1620-24McCoyBabyWeb1620-30McCoyBabyWeb1620-34McCoyBabyWeb1620-46McCoyBabyWeb1620-50McCoyBabyWeb1620-62McCoyBabyWeb1620-64McCoyBabyWeb1620-70McCoyBabyWeb1620-77McCoyBabyWeb1620-78McCoyBabyWeb1620-80McCoyBabyWeb1620-84McCoyBabyWeb1620-88McCoyBabyWeb1620-90McCoyBabyWeb1620-95McCoyBabyWeb1620-102McCoyBabyWeb1620-105McCoyBabyWeb1620-113McCoyBabyWeb1620-114McCoyBabyWeb1620-116McCoyBabyWeb1620-117McCoyBabyWeb1620-131McCoyBabyWeb1620-135McCoyBabyWeb1620-139McCoyBabyWeb1620-141McCoyBabyWeb1620-149McCoyBabyWeb1620-151McCoyBabyWeb1620-155McCoyBabyWeb1620-158

We had mini photo-shoots several times a week because she’s just so cute!


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