Bethany & Adam Wedding, James Monroe’s Highland, Charlottesville VA

Bethany and Adam are the sweetest couple! We did not have the chance to meet them before the wedding day, but as soon as we showed up they were ready for the day! They got married at James Monroe’s Highland. It’s such a beautiful venue! When we pulled up the driveway is lined with these gorgeous trees and I immediately got excited! It rained for about 90% of the day, but these two didn’t care. They were so excited to get married and that’s all that mattered. Adam actually told us that Bethany’s favorite movie has a rainy wedding so he thought she’d prefer it that way! The two were up for outdoor pictures despite the rain. They kept the best attitude all day!

I asked Bethany to tell me how they met and it’s the cutest story! She wrote, “We met doing a leadership development program at The Falls Church Anglican. It is called a Fellows program. We were in a group of 13 people and because we were doing this 9 month program together, they have a rule that fellows are not allowed to date until the end of the program. On the night of the very first day we met we were at a camp for the opening retreat and Adam and I played a best 2 out of 3 ping pong tournament that was very fun and it was the beginning of a small crush on Adam, coincidentally he also would say that the ping pong game was when he started crushing on me. There was lots of laughter and I also ended up winning:) haha anyway it was a long 9 months to not be allowed to date but during that time we got to know each other as friends very well and while we didn’t date, we did go on runs together. At first other friends would run with us but we ran together the most consistently and we were able to process a lot of the program together and build a good foundation of friendship.”

You can tell when you’re around them how deep of a friendship they have. They are just adorable. Congratulations Bethany & Adam!

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  • Second Shooter: Liz McNeil
  • Florist:
  • Venue:
  • Caterer:
  • Planners: Theresa Bennett and Paige Alwood

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